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The most important use of the electrical mini substation is the transformation, conversion and distribution of the right amount of voltage to the end place. The end place can either be a large industry, office place, house, schools or a shopping mart. Other places that require electricity supply are also linked to the substation unit. This is another type of distribution automation system that makes sure that electric power is supplied to places far away as it should.

Benefit of an electrical mini substation unit:

The power lines through which electric power is supplied function at high voltage as the flow of electricity from the main source is a high voltage flow. By the time it reaches the mini substation unit and then to the house or office surroundings, it is converted or stepped down to the level of voltage that is considered best for the house/ office use.

The electrical substation unit consists of transformers and cables that link the unit to the area to be supplied. A powerful magnetic field is created within the unit which aids in carrying out the distribution and transfer of the electric power generated at the main source.

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